About Access Advance

Access Advance LLC is an independent licensing administrator company formed to lead the development, administration, and management of patent pools for licensing essential patents of the most important standards-based video codec technologies.  Access Advance provides a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism for both patent owners and patent implementers by providing industry-leading transparency, FRAND rates, and a modern approach to patent pool licensing.

Currently, under Access Advance’s industry leading HEVC Advance Patent Pool, licensees enjoy coverage to over twenty thousand essential, high-quality patents necessary to implement the HEVC/H.265 standard. Access Advance also offers the VVC Advance Patent Pool, which provides coverage to patents essential to the VVC/H.266 and VSEI standards, as well as the Multi-Codec Bridging Agreement, which provides licensees in both the HEVC Advance and VVC Advance Patent Pools with a substantially reduced royalty as compared to the royalties due under each of the separate HEVC and VVC Patent Pools, for products that implement both HEVC and VVC.

Headquartered at:

100 Cambridge Street, Ste. 21400
Boston, MA 02114

Tokyo Office:

3-2 Marunouchi 2-chome
Yusen Building, LEVEL 1
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005