Our Team

Access Advance

  • Alan Wierzbicki

    Senior Vice President, Licensing

  • Alex LePore

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ayla Ibrahim

    Compliance Specialist

  • Cecilia Dolan

    Senior Compliance Specialist

  • Devyn Montemarano

    Licensing Specialist

  • Donald Merino

    Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Dylan Zhou

    Senior Vice President, Licensing & Market Intelligence

  • Emily Snider

    Operations Coordinator

  • Hiro Seki

    Managing Director, Northeast Asia

  • James DiGiorgio

    Chief, Licensee Operations

  • Jed Scaramella

    Director, Market Intelligence

  • Jeffrey Blumenfeld

    Acting General Counsel

  • John Wayne Pint

    Senior Vice President, Licensing

  • Kim Chotkowski

    Chief Litigation Counsel

  • Linda Wen

    Licensing Coordinator

  • Mary Lee Gaffney

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Mike Toomey

    Director, Finance

  • Miranda Mosho

    Senior Accountant

  • Nick Mularoni

    Legal Analyst

  • Paul Bawel

    Senior Vice President, Business Development

  • Paula Bournival

    Controller & Director of Compliance, Licensee Operations

  • Peter Moller

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rachel Kilmer

    Director, Operations

  • Rebekah Fuhr

    Senior Legal Analyst

  • Sophie Wang

    Licensing Specialist

  • Stephen Kohen

    Chief IP Counsel

  • Tim Larocque

    Financial Analyst

Adminius Worldwide

  • Koos Wiersma

    Managing Partner, General Affairs

  • Bart Timmers

    Managing Partner, IP Licensing Back-office

  • Norman Menken

    Managing Partner, IP Licensing Back-office

  • Nils van Houdt

    Global Withholding Tax specialist

  • Ger Janssen

    Key Developer and Application Owner

  • Geert Hilbers

    Customer Support