The Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC) receives Engineering Emmy for the development of HEVC/H.265 at the 69th annual Engineering Emmy Awards held October 25, 2017

Boston – (October 30, 2017) – HEVC Advance, an independent licensing administrator for the HEVC/H.265 Video Standard, congratulates the JCT-VC on their Engineering Emmy for the development of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265). The Engineering Emmy awards, which were presented Wednesday, October 25th at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, are given ‘for engineering developments that considerably improve existing methods or innovations that materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television’. 

According to The Television Academy, ‘the development of HEVC has enabled efficient delivery in ultra-high definition (UHD) content over multiple distribution channels. This new compression coding has been adopted, or selected for adoption, by all UHD television distribution channels, including terrestrial, satellite, cable, fiber and wireless, as well as all UHD viewing devices, including traditional televisions, tablets and mobile phones.’  More details can be found at the Television Academy’s website:

“This Emmy is well-deserved recognition for the tremendous accomplishment that HEVC/H.265 technology represents, the game-changing value that HEVC/H.265 technology brings to the consumer electronics and entertainment industries, and another important acknowledgment that HEVC/H.265 represents the video codec of the future,” stated Peter Moller, HEVC Advance CEO.  “Our hats are off to the entire JCT-VC group and all those individuals and companies that participated in the development of HEVC/H.265.”                                                                                  

About the JCT-VC
The JCT-VC is comprised of a group of engineers from the Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for the development of High Efficiency Video Coding.

About HEVC Advance LLC
HEVC Advance is an independent licensing administrator company formed to lead the development, administration and management of an HEVC/H.265 patent pool for licensing essential patents. HEVC Advance provides a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism for HEVC patented technology.