BOSTON – (March 31, 2020) – HEVC Advance, an independent licensing administrator, today announced:

  • Toshiba Corporation (TOSHIBA) has become a Licensor of the HEVC Advance HEVC/H.265 Patent Pool.
  • The HEVC Advance Patent Pool now has over 10,000 HEVC/H.265 essential patents available for license, a milestone unmatched in the history of patent pool licensing.
  • The HEVC Advance Patent Pool now includes over 9,000 HEVC/H.265 essential patents that are available for license (via a pool) only through HEVC Advance.

According to HEVC Advance CEO, Peter Moller, “We are very pleased that TOSHIBA has chosen HEVC Advance to license their HEVC/H.265 essential patents.  TOSHIBA is one of the most acclaimed leaders of technology and intellectual property and has contributed to industries and markets by introducing various cutting-edge innovations over many years.  Having the support of TOSHIBA represents yet another big step forward toward our goal of eliminating IP barriers and enabling the benefits of HEVC technology to reach all consumers and all market participants.”

“We are also extremely proud to now have 29 Licensors in our program, with collectively over 10,700 patents, and with 22 of those licensors, representing over 9,000 patents, choosing HEVC Advance as the only pool in which to license their HEVC essential patents (see chart below),” Mr. Moller continued. “Importantly, 11 licensors who previously participated in more than one HEVC patent pool, including the largest HEVC essential patent owner Samsung, have now chosen HEVC Advance as the only patent pool in which to participate. Our successful and continuing efforts to consolidate a substantial majority of the HEVC/H.265 patent landscape provides unmatched and unprecedented value to both our licensors and licensees, and we look forward to delivering even greater value by collaborating with additional patent owners who are still considering their options regarding their HEVC essential patents.”

February 2020 Status of HEVC Licensing – Patent Owners/Patent Count(1)

(1) Patent counts are based on available data/good faith estimates and are subject to/will change over time.
(2) Excludes companies that have terminated/provided notice of termination of their participation in the MPEG LA HEVC Pool.

About HEVC Advance
HEVC Advance is an independent licensing administrator company formed to lead the development, administration, and management of an HEVC/H.265 patent pool for licensing essential patents. HEVC Advance provides a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism for HEVC patented technology. For more information about HEVC Advance, visit