Also Announces Name Change to Access Advance LLC as its Patent Pool Focus Expands

BOSTON – (August 19, 2020) – HEVC Advance LLC (“Advance”), a leading independent licensing administrator in the area of video coding technologies, today announced the release (initially distributed in July) of a draft VVC Licensing Program Overview, resulting from conversations with close to 50 patent owners over the last several months. The Licensing Program, building on the success of Advance’s HEVC program, would establish the “Advance Licensing Platform for Video Codecs.  The Platform license structure, which Advance is planning to launch in 2021, would provide a stand-alone “VVC Platform License,” a simplified stand-alone “HEVC Platform License,” and, most importantly, a “Joint HEVC + VVC Platform License” that is expected to provide a substantial discount for products with both VVC and HEVC technologies. Compared with Advance’s current HEVC License, which will continue to be offered for as long as any current or future licensees wish, the new Platform License structure will be streamlined and will enable existing and future licensees to easily transition to one or more Platform Licenses at any time.  The Platform structure will also allow additional next-generation video technologies to be efficiently added in the future. 

“We are extremely pleased to announce the release of a draft VVC Licensing Program Overview to our many Licensors and other patent owners that have engaged with us over the last several months,” stated Peter Moller, CEO of Advance. “The marketplace, including input we’ve seen from the MC-IF process, has been clear that both patent owners and patent implementers desire licensing clarity for VVC as soon as possible, as well as a licensing structure that can seamlessly incorporate multiple video codecs into a single license platform. While there is still work to be done in reaching a final consensus on rates and certain other terms, we are confident that our draft Overview provides a structure that will meet with broad approval and allow us to establish a “one stop shop” Licensing Platform for VVC and HEVC—one that will meet the needs of a substantial majority of stakeholders and give the market the clarity it wants now. We welcome all companies having a good faith belief that they have one or more VVC essential patents to join the discussions and receive a copy of the Overview. We are also willing to make a version of the Overview available to anyone – including patent implementers without VVC patents – who have a bona-fide reason to receive it. Please contact us using the information below.”

Advance also announces a change in name to Access Advance LLC. Given the goodwill and recognition built around the “Advance” name since the company’s inception in 2015, “Advance” will continue to be used as the company’s principle trade name. “While the name HEVC Advance has served us well, as we prepare to launch a VVC program it’s time to update our name to convey our expanded focus,” continued Mr. Moller.  The name change will be implemented in stages over the next several months. 

About Access Advance LLC (previously HEVC Advance LLC)
Access Advance LLC (“Advance”) is an independent licensing administrator company formed to lead the development, administration, and management of patent pools for licensing essential patents of the most important standards-based video codec technologies. Advance provides a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism for both patent owners and patent implementers. For more information about Advance, visit  To contact us concerning the VVC Licensing Program, please email Paul Bawel at and/or the Licensing team at