June, 2020 – BOSTON – Access Advance helped sponsor, and participated on two panels, at the OxFirst 7th Annual Intellectual Property and Competition conference in Munich. Paul Bawel, Senior Vice President, Business Development, chaired a panel on the “Business Proposition of Patent Pools” that included representatives of Philips and Mercedes Benz. Jeffrey Blumenfeld, Acting General Counsel, chaired a panel on “Scalable Licensing Strategies & FRAND Licensing Rates, Validity and Essentiality Rates” that included Alex Moss, Founder and Executive Director of the Public Interest Patent Law Institute, and Michael Schloegl, Head of IP SEP and General IP Counsel RO of Continental Automotive GmbH. During the panel, Mr. Blumenfeld presented a proposal for “A New Framework for SEP Licensing by Patent Pools,” which is available here.