MCBA Structure

  • The MCBA is not a license, it is an “administrative” Agreement that permits Licensees in both the HEVC Advance and VVC Advance Patent Pools to pay a substantially reduced royalty rate for products that include both HEVC and VVC codecs, as compared to the sum of the royalty rates set forth for HEVC products under the HEVC Advance Patent Pool License (“PPL”) and those set forth for VVC Products under the VVC Advance PPL
  • The MCBA is an option for Licensees. Licensees may choose to take the VVC Advance PPL and seek bilateral licenses for HEVC, or vice versa. Or, a Licensee may sign each PPL and not sign the MCBA. However, to receive the benefits of the MCBA, the Licensee must sign both the VVC Advance PPL and the HEVC Advance PPL, as well as the MCBA
  • This format is necessary in order to keep the two programs separate and independent – providing Licensees the ability to choose what they need, while still being able to offer the benefits of the MCBA for those Licensees who choose to take advantage of it